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The next meeting of the Runnemede Library Book Club is now scheduled for Thursday May 16, 2019  @ 6:30pm in the library.  

The book selection for this month is Radium Girls by Kate Moore. The library has a hard copy in the library and it is available on the Kindle.


About the Book.

 The incredible true story of the women who fought America's undark danger.

The Curies' newly discovered element of radium makes gleaming headlines across the nation as the fresh face of beauty, and wonder drug of the medical community.  From body lotion to tonic water, the popular new element shines bright in otherwise dark years of the First World War.

Meanwhile hundreds of girls toil amidst the glowing dust of the radium-dial factories.  The glittering chemical covers their bodies from head to toe; they light up the night like industrious fireflies.  With such a coveted job, these "shining girls" are the luckiest alive-until they begin to fall mysteriously ill...

These are some of the books the RPL Club has read.  So many books, so little tim.  Join any time.  1st Thursday of the month @ 6:30pm in the library.

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